Soothe your Mind -- Balance body and soul with Handpan music

Handpan music is widely used during Yoga sessions, Reiki treatments and Healing practices for its power to soothe, rebalance, and center the Mind and the Soul.
Handpan music is believed to heal and energize the Chakras, the centers of Prana, the vital energy in Hindu and Buddhist traditions, helping to achieve spiritual awakening and enlightenment.
Handpan's frequency at 432 Hz has an immediate relaxing impact during Mindfulness sessions and personal Meditation, helping to reach a enhanced state of consciousness and boosting focus and emotional balance.
The synergy of Rhythm and Melody make Handpan music a powerful therapeutic aid in both traditional and alternative healing practices, such as Music Therapy, Reiki treatments, Sound Baths and rituals of personal Healing.
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