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Lighteme Royal Garden Mini Handpan Drum Handmade Kurd Scale G Minor 18 Inch 9 Notes, Available in 432 Hz and 440 Hz, Featured High-end Stainless Steel Percussion Instrument - Gold-plated Sound Area, Laser engraved Mandala pattern. Never fade.

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Lighteme High-end Royal Garden Gold-plated Sound Area Handmade Kurd Scale G Minor 18 Inch 9 Notes

--Laser engraved Mandala pattern. Never fade.

(10 Tone and 12 Tone Can Be Customized, Please Contact Us.)

Lighteme Hand pan drum is a musical instrument in the idiophone class. It is constructed from two half-shells of deep drawn, with hollow inside and in the shape of a convex lens. The top ("Ding") side has a center 'note' hammered into it and seven or eight 'tone fields' hammered around the center. The bottom ("Gu") is a plain surface that has a rolled hole in the center with a tuned note that can be created when the rim is struck.


  • A Represent Instrument By The Principle Of Helmholtz-resonator.
    • As very newly-developed musical instruments, handpan drums do not require complicated musical theory or any rudiments of music.
    • Hand-beating molding. High-quality hand dish drum, Stainless Steel quality, durable.
    • Circular hole at the bottom - Designed on the principle of Helmholtz resonator, and also used for tuning.
    • Accurate intonation, clear overtone, empty tone. All notes have perfect resonance vibration each note checked with a tuner minimum possible fluctuations.
    • The handpan drum is a tone composed of fundamental, fifth overtone and octave overtone.
  • STAINLESS STEEL - High-end
    • Stainless steel has recently become quite popular in the construction of handpans for several reasons.
    • Firstly, a handpan made from stainless steel will generally have notes (tonefields) with more sustain (they will ‘ring’ longer). This characteristic lends a stainless steel handpan towards a more meditative and slow style of play.
    • The feel of the handpan while playing is also noticeably different as well. When striking the notes, it is apparent that the stainless steel is not as robust as nitrided steel and thus feels less ‘springy’ under the hands of the player.
    • The tone is brighter and softer.
  • Craft
    • Handmade.
    • Reduce the noise, the tone is more pure.
    • Gold-plated Sound Area.

    • Laser engraved Mandala pattern.
    • Never fade.

  • 9 Note Design (Kurd Scale G Minor) - 1 center note(G3) and 9 tone fields
    • Tone: Fundamental + Octave Overtone + Fifth Overtone
    • DING/G3 A4/F4/D4/bE4/G4/bB4/D5/C5

    • The upper part has 9 sounds, the center point is the basic sound, and the remaining 8 sounds are distributed around.
    • The bottom center has a hole for the bass "GU" which can be used for tuning.
  • Suitable For Street Performances, Friends Gatherings, Light Music Appreciation, Etc.
    • They not only enhance our passion, also enhance physically and mentally, and exalt spirituality.
    • They can be played by drumstick or by bare hands, beating, patting, or finger patting, with no fixed musical background.
    • You can play tongue drums by much improvising, and could make different performance each time, even on the very same song.
  • Perfect For Traveling, Shipping or Storage
    • Highly rust resilient, hard case.
    • Equipped with one storage bag, which is dual zipper design, simple and convenient, 20mm thick crash resistant cotton, protect the handpan safty.
    • Suitable for man and woman, younger and older, without the limit of gender and age.
  • Maintenance Common Sense:
    • After use, use olive oil to maintain, wipe clean when playing.
    • Don't play under high temperature and sunshine. Don't play under extreme cold. These environments will affect the change of tone.
  • Model: Disc
  • Application: Professional Performance
  • Material: Stainless Steel (High-end, Heat Treatment Process)
  • Key: G Minor
  • Tone: 
    • Fundamental + Octave Overtone + Fifth Overtone
    • Note Design (Kurd Scale G Minor)DING/G3 A4/F4/D4/bE4/G4/bB4/D5/C5 

      (10 Tone and 12 Tone Can Be Customized, Please Contact Us.)

  • Available in 432 Hz and 440 Hz. (432 Hz vs 440 Hz (Differences, Tuning, Which Sounds Better?))
  • Tuning method: Manual Tuning + Instrument Sound Measurement
  • Process: Phonetic Fixed Point / Strength Layer Strengthening / Quenching Forging
  • Color: Silver, Golden (optional) (There may be chromatic aberration due to the light problem of the shooting, please understand.)
  • Item Size: Diameter - 46cm/18in, Height - 22cm/8.6in
  • Net Weight: 3kg
  • Package Size: 53*53*32cm/20.8*20.8*12.5in
  • Package Weight: 5.5kg/194oz/12.13lbs
Package List:
  • 1 * Hand Drum
  • 1 * Drum Stand
  • 1 * Pair of Drumstick
  • 1 * Carry Bag
  • 1 * Cleaning Cloth (random color delivery)

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