Collection: Ember Steel

After years of extensive research on all kinds of different materials, we have finally found a stainless alloy that checks all our boxes: sustain, clarity, ceramic sound, workability, stability, rust protection and more. The possibilities for building and playing feel endless.
  • Sustain: Much like Stainless 430, though more controlled and often mentioned by players as “round” and less "wild".
  • Ceramic-like sound: The material feels more ceramic than AISI 430, shoulder tones of the notes are less present and more controlled. When having a correct shape of the center tonefield, crystal clear shoulder tones with sustain can be achieved.
  • Rust protection: The shallow single time oxidation that almost always happens on AISI430 is only prevalent with about 20% of the batches of Ember Steel. Most batches will thus keep their beautiful patina.
  • Stability: When the border tension is balanced all the way around the note, the Ember Steel provides very stable notes. Easier to stabilize than AISI 430.
  • Patina: The steel scratches rather more quickly than other materials before annealing. However, through annealing, a strong patina can be achieved which in turn scratches less easily than annealed AISI 430. Various temperatures give different colors, from bight golden, to ember/red to dark purple and even blue.

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