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The difference between Huashu carbon steel and market carbon steel

  • Huashu Carbon Steel is a carbon steel specially customized by Huashu from steel mills. The carbon content of carbon steel is customized based on the carbon content of Luru’s original high-end carbon steel models. The ratio is very stable, and it is characterized by no “iron knocking” sound. Fake carbon steel with a lot of iron (Fe) impurities on the market.
  • Carbon steel drums on the market are mostly made of iron or fake carbon steel with too much iron (Fe) impurities. The metal properties are softer, and the sound delay will be longer when struck, which is prone to mixing, which is what the performance calls "buzzing". "Tone" sound or "Knock iron" sound, after a long time use, due to the soft metal properties, it is especially easy to go out and the sound becomes dull.
  • After heat treatment, the hardness of Huashu carbon steel will increase a lot. It is second only to the high-end steel grade customized by Luru from the steel mill. It will not cause noise after long-term use due to the soft metal properties, and the sound will become simmering and sinking.

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