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MiSoundofNature Starburst A1 DC Handpan Drums 22 Inches 10 Notes D Minor Kurd Scale hangdrum with gift set

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Starburst A1 10 Notes D minor:

  • D3/G3-A3-D4-E4-F4-G4-A4-C5-D5

    Inspired by the shining stars in the night sky. The stars twinkled and the sound flowed. We hope that everyone can feel the depth and mystery of the universe while playing Star.

    This handpan is made in classical style with quenching which allows you to play the instrument wherever you like without additional protection. High sound quality lasts for years with AS TEMAN® advanced tuning techniques and craftmanship. World leading unique and trendy designs make handpans more diverse to show one's personality.   

    • Features: Starry Star; Ethereal Timbre; Significant Sustain Effect; Beginner Friendly
    • Size: Diameter: 22 in; Height: 10.2 in
    • Material: Nitrided steel (1.07 mm)
    • Process: Quenching; Manual aesthetic painting; Surface nitriding treatment

    [Tips for Selecting the Hertz]

    • 440 Hz: Hertz of standard tuning; Same frequency of popular music and songs; Suitable for daily entertainment
    • 432 Hz: Hertz of Pythagorean tuning; Same frequency of the Nature and creatures; Suitable for Yoga and meditation


    • 1 x Black rubber edge
    • 1 x Pair of mallets
    • 1 x Carry bag
    • 1 x Handpan stand (random color)
    • 1 x Dust-free cloth
    • 1 x Maintenance instruction

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