Lighteme is a lonline musical instrument store, high-end Handpan Drum, Steel Tongue Drum, Kalimba and Lyre Harp manufacturers. Moreover, we accept Wholesale and Customized orders, and even add your unique LOGO or signature. Hluru has always been adhering to the concept of combining technology and craftsmanship and implementing the entire production process of musical instruments. Its ethereal drums and kalimba have been loved by people because of their unique patents and designs, and are known as new musical instruments in the 21st century. Focusing on the very latest Tongue Drum and Kalimba products, especially Series A Handpan Drums, Series B Handpan Drums, Class A Tongue Drum,Class B Tongue Drum , Huashu Tongue Drum, Class B Kalimba and Class A Kalimba, so on, to give maximum choices to our valued customers from all over the world. From beginners to professional performances, you can find products that suit you here.


Handpan - Percussion Instrument

Mountain Rain Handpan Drum

  • Laser Engraved Mandala Pattern Handpan Drums

    Laser Engraved Mandala Pattern Handpan Drums

    New Type Hand Pan Drum

    * Handmade.

    * Laser engraved

    * Mandala pattern.

    * Never fade.

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  • Lighteme Class A Copper Disc Steel Tongue Drum 10 Inches 8 Tones Japanese Folk Mode Travel Drums

    10 Inches 8 Tones Japanese Folk Mode Travel Drums

    Class A steel tongue drum copper ions are added during the smelting process to improve its corrosion resistance and antibacterial properties, enhance the strength of the steel itself, and improve its mechanical vibration properties. After aging heat treatment, it can further promote the adhesion and penetration depth of the steel and copper ions, and make the tone of the copper reverberant, more layered, and the sound of the material will become extremely pure and stable.
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  • Lighteme 17 Key Hollow Kalimba Thumb Piano, Zambian RoseWood Guibourtia Box Resonace Single Board Trepanning C Tone Kalimba Instrument

    17 Key Hollow Kalimba

    The A-type thumb piano is made of full veneer,the selected wood is more than 10 years old. It has excellent resonance and continuity, so the sound will be solid and rich, and the stability of the sound is excellent.
    Material:  Zambian Guiboutia

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