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    Hluru Handpans

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Hluru Handpans

Starburst Handpans

Mandala Pattern Handpans

Titanium Steel Tongue Drum

Tree of Life Kalimbas


Lighteme is an online musical instrument store and manufacturer of high-end Handpan Drum, Steel Tongue Drum, Kalimba, Sing Bowls and Lyre Harp. Also, we accept Wholesale and Customized orders, you can even add your unique LOGO or signature. Lighteme has always been adhering to the concept of combining technology and craftsmanship. The products are loved by people because of their unique patents and designs, and are known as new musical instruments in the 21st century. We're focusing on the very latest Handpan Drums, Tongue Drum and Kalimba products, especially Series A Handpan Drums, Series B Handpan Drums, Class A Tongue Drum,Class B Tongue Drum , Huashu Tongue Drum, Class B Kalimba and Class A Kalimba, and so on, to give maximum choices to our valued customers from all over the world.

From beginners to professional performancers, you can find products that suit you here.

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Mountain Rain Handpans

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AS TEMAN Handpan NJ Star 13 Notes D Minor Scale

Mini Handpan Drum

Pure Color Handpan Drums

Mandala Pattern Handpan Drums

Mountain Rain Handpan Drum

As Teman Handpan Drums

HLURU Upgrade Handpan Drums

Virtuoso Handpan Drums

Atomic Nuclear Handpan Drums

The Galaxy Handpan Drums

Starburst Handpan Drums

Sun God Handpan Drums

Handpan Accessories

Class A Tongue Drum

Class B Tongue Drum

Class C Tongue Drum

Class D Tongue Drum - Huashu

Class E UU Tongue Drum

Pearl Paint Titanium Steel Tongue Drum

Round Tongue Steel Tongue Drum

Square Tongue Drum

13 in 11 notes

14 In 11 Notes

12 In 8 Notes

Tongue Drum Accessories

Class A Kalimba

Class B Kalimba

Class C Kalimba

Class D Kalimba - Huashu

Class E Kalimba - Tree of Life

17 Keys Kalimba

21 keys Kalimba

24 keys Kalimba

34 keys Kalimba

Mini 7/8/10 Keys Kalimba

Box Style

Flat Board Kalimba