Lighteme Tree of Life 24 Key Flat Board Kalimba Thumb Piano, Walnut Rounded Single Board B Tone & C Tone Kalimba Instrument

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Kalimba originates from Africa as a kind of portable musical instrument.
Lighteme creates the high-end Kalimba via superior American Black Walnut to chase the melodies around in the deep forest.

The tree of life, which precedes human beigins, begins with nature, and is buried deep in the earth. Reach out to the sky, embrace the sun and rain.
People sing praisesfor it, it's full of human reverence for life and inheritance.
Play the hymns of life with rhythm, bringing joy, compassion, strength, suffering and love are written more vividly and beautifully.

  • Based on thousands of testing & adjusting,the circular arc design of Lighteme 24 keys kalimbas is just good for performance.
  • The 24-scale design with 3 more high tones compared to the 21-scale, it provides vivid & delicate tones & performs more types of music, makes the timbre more ethereal, smooth & tender.
  • The 24-Scale has been protected by the patent.


  • Carefully Selected Wood
    • The SOUL of musical instrument depends on the WOOD.
    • Lighteme creates the high-end Kalimba via superior American Walnuts & African Walnuts, especially the wood with curly or fiddleback figure for better play.
    • Lighteme CLASS A HIGH-END KALIMBA 21 KEYS Selecting "Curly Figure" from American natural black walnut wood as the generator, It is made of full flat board, and the selected wood is more than 10 years old. All of them are printed with tree rings, and the sound will be more solid and rich.combining vocal music theory, natural and gorgeous texture, fine and uniform structure, and strong acoustic plasticity.
    • Note: The color of wood of different batches will be different, please understand.

  • One-shaped Type - Upgraded Thickened Design
    • The thickened design with 3 more high tones compared to the 21-scale, makes the timbre more ethereal, smooth & tender.
    • The 24-scale provides vivid & delicate tones & performs more types of music.

  • Ore Metal Piano Keyboard
    • It is made of ore metal with enhanced toughness and a key-down design, which can reduce the pain of finger playing for a long time and is more suitable for performance.
    • 24 Tones - Range Composition
      • The bottom 12 notes + the upper middle 5 tones form a 17-tone group.
      • The semitore area on both sides of the upper layer constitutes a 24-tones wide-range sound range.
      • The lower row of 12 keys + the upper row of bass (khaki key teeth) + the upper row of chromatic scales (white key teeth) can form a chromatic kalimba thumb piano.

  • Environmental Protection Paint
    • The use of environmentally friendly paint-free plates, waxing process, elegant color, beautiful texture, you can rest assured to touch, enjoy immersion in vocal music.

  • Exquisite and vivid relief craftsmanship
  • Ergonomic Body Shape Design
    • The golden ratio and arc chamfering design are finally selected, which is elegant in appearance, comfortable in grip, and easy to play.
    • The advanced ergonomic body shape design is dedicated to provide the most comfortable & effortless playability for the users.


  • Material: American Black Walnut & African Walnuts / Ore Metal Piano Keyboard
  • Body:  Flat Board Kalimba - Upgraded Thickened Design (A Full-Wood Boad)
  • Piano Keyboard: Mineral Keys
  • Scale Range: 24 keys (Rich, Wide-Tone, Smooth)
  • Tone: B Major

  • Item Size: 18*12cm / 7.1*4.72in
  • Item Weight: 0.53kg / 1.17lbs / 18.7oz

  • Package Size: 24*20.5*8.5cm / 9.45*8.07*3.35in
  • Package Weight: 1.09kg / 2.4lbs / 38.45oz

Can I learn without the basics of music?

Basically the Kalimba is a very simple musical instrument even a child can play with. All that matters is you know a bit of do re mi. Included in the package is a set of stickers to help in playing the Kalimba. Playing the Kalimba is simply plucking the tines/keys with your finger nails.

Package Included

  • 1 x Flat board slope design kalimba
  • 1 x Tuner Hammer
  • 1 x Song Book
  • 2 x Stickers
  • 1 x Piano cloth
  • 1 x HTC Premium piano bag


  • Due to the difference between different monitors,the picture may not reflect the actual color of the item. We guarantee the style is the same as shown in the pictures.
  • Due to the manual measurement and different measurement methods, please allow 1-2cm deviation.
  • About tuning a KalimbaYour kalimba is pre-tuned prior to delivery. Upon receipt you can try it to check if all tines/keys are tuned. Please note that due to delivery/handling some keys might have been moved causing the tine/s to have been mis tuned. If that’s the case you can refer to your manual which is included in the package and check the tuning first before first use.
  • Taking care of your Kalimba. After every use you should clean the Kalimba ( cleaning clothe included in the package) to protect it. Put it inside the bag/ case after every use. Do not expose to extreme weather conditions.

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