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Hluru Dual Magnetic Universal Sound High Reproduction Pickups For Handpan Drums, Steel Tongue Drums Kalimba Thumb Piano And Lyre Harp

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HLURU Dual Magnetic Universal Pickup

 Ingenuity - Sound High Reproduction Pickups

  • All-in-one, Passive Pickup
  • Magnetic Pickup - Dual Pickup
  • Great Sound
  • Stable Transmission
  • No Punching


  • Dual magnetic pickups
    • The dual magnetic pickups can reproduce the original sound of the instrument to a greater extent than the single magnetic pickups. The treble is bright and not harsh, and the bass is deep and powerful, with a clear graininess.
      • Anti-interference, noise reduction.
      • Clear pickup, restore the original sound.
      • The principle of left and right pickup is sensitive to collecting sound.
      • Dual magnetic pickup system makes the sound more layered.

    • Easy To Adjust At Any Time.
      • Attach the flat side of the magnetic head to the instrument.
      • Magnetic suction function, light suction.
      • Suitable for many musical instruments.

  • Speaker Connector
    • Needs to be connected with a speaker with a gain function with a 6.5mm diameter.

  • 2 Meter Long Cable
    • 40mm Noise Cancelling Audio Cable.
    • Fine production, easy to carry, just to show better performance.

  • Suitable For Many Musical Instruments
    • Pickup Position for Handpan Drums/Steel Tongue Drums
      • One-half - Divide the dual magnetic pickup head into two halves, which can be evenly placed on the two ends of the back of the cavity away one-half from the bottom hole, and attach the instrument cavity with a flat surface. Gently tap the tongue to adjust to no noise or broken sound.

    • Pickup Position for Kalimba Thumb Piano
      • Affixed to the first crossbar
      • Divide the double magnetic pickup head into two halves, which can be placed evenly on the left and right ends above the horizontal wood of the keys, and attach the keys of the musical instrument with a flat surface, and adjust to no noise and sound.


  • Product Name: HLURU Dual Magnetic Universal Pickup
  • Interface: 6.5mm
  • Applicable: Handpan Drums/Steel Tongue Drums/Kalimba Thumb Piano/Lyre Harp
  • Pickup Principle: buzzer vibration pickup
  • Wire Length: 2M
  • Pickup Method: Magnetic passive pickup
  • Net Weight: 35g
  • Gross Weight: 50g

Package Include

  • 1 x HLURU Dual Magnetic Universal Pickup

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