Lighteme Huashu Lucky Deer 17 Key Hollow Kalimba Thumb Piano, Mahogany Core Armrest Round Hole Opening Box Resonace Single Board Trepanning C Tone Kalimba Instrument

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Lighteme Huashu Lucky Deer Armrest Round Hole 17 Key Kalimba

Kalimba originates from Africa as a kind of portable musical instrument.
Lighteme creates the high-end Kalimba via superior Mahogany Core to chase the melodies around in the deep forest.

The resonant box has a sound hole which creates "wah-wah" effects that can be more manually encouraged by covering or uncovering the sound hole.

The 17-scale kalimba provides excellent performance of warm & slow music.


  • Carefully Selected Wood
    • African Red Mahogany core - The high-quality red mahogany core from Congo, Africa, is redder than the white mahogany core in the market, and has a more delicate phonology.
    • The mahogany wood is hard and light, and it's also suitable for beautiful carvings. It's a high-quality raw material for guitar fretboard and high-end furniture. The wooden tone effect is softer.
    • Note: The color of wood of different batches will be different, please understand.

    • Wood Available On The Market - Hole Pattern
      • The material used is pine or fake mahogany core, and the characteristic is that the wood textre is porous, non-linear, and the wood is loose.

    • Wood Of Our Choice - Pgrade To Cedar Pattern
      • It presents an irregular line texture, high wood density and soft tone.

  • Upgraded Design
    • Trepanning Design (Round Hole Opening Box Resonace) - According to the Principle of Vibration

    • Thickened One-shape Design - The 3.5cm thickened one-shape design creates the clearified & tender melodies to provide excellent performance of warm music with good tenutos.

    • Painting Style - Eco-friendly paint finish, Good texture.
      • Log Color

      • Paint Color - Blue, Red, Retro

  • Ore Metal Piano Keyboard
    • It is made of ore metal with enhanced toughness and a key-down design, which can reduce the pain of finger playing for a long time and is more suitable for performance.

  • Laser Engraving
    • The circular hole pattern made by laser engraving process is exquisite and beautiful.

  • Ergonomic Body Shape
    • Armrest Design - Upgraded hand-polished are hand guard, with elegant hand guard lines, it's visually comfortable and conforms to different hand shapes, comfortably supports, and presents a light grip.

    • The advanced ergonomic body shape design is dedicated to provide the most comfortable & effortless playability for the users.


  • Material: Mahogany Core / Ore Metal Piano Keyboard
  • Body: Hollow Kalimba Upgraded Thickened Design (Trepanning)
  • Piano Keyboard: Mineral Keys
  • Scale Range: 17 Keys (Ethereal / Longer sustain)
  • Tone: C Major
  • Net Weight: 0.4kg / 0.88lbs / 14.12oz
  • Item Size: 11*18*13*3.5cm / 4.33*7.09*5.12*1.38in

  • Package Size: 24*20.5*8.5cm / 9.45*8.07*3.35in
  • Package Weight: 0.6kg / 1.32lbs / 21.16oz
  • The Tuner Calibrates It Out 
    • Shipped after calibration by a senior tuner - Generally, you don't need to tune it when you receive it, unless the kalimba is accidentally damaged.

Can I learn without the basics of music?

Basically the Kalimba is a very simple musical instrument even a child can play with. All that matters is you know a bit of do re mi. Included in the package is a set of stickers to help in playing the Kalimba. Playing the Kalimba is simply plucking the tines/keys with your finger nails.

Package Included

  • 1 x  Huashu Lucky Deer 17 Keys Mahogany Core Armrest Round Hole Single Board Trepanning C Tone Kalimba
  • 1 x Tuner Hammer
  • 1 x Song Book
  • 2 x Stickers
  • 1 x Piano cloth
  • 1 x Burlap bag


  • Due to the difference between different monitors,the picture may not reflect the actual color of the item. We guarantee the style is the same as shown in the pictures.
  • Due to the manual measurement and different measurement methods, please allow 1-2cm deviation.
  • About tuning a KalimbaYour kalimba is pre-tuned prior to delivery. Upon receipt you can try it to check if all tines/keys are tuned. Please note that due to delivery/handling some keys might have been moved causing the tine/s to have been mis tuned. If that’s the case you can refer to your manual which is included in the package and check the tuning first before first use.
  • Taking care of your Kalimba. After every use you should clean the Kalimba ( cleaning clothe included in the package) to protect it. Put it inside the bag/ case after every use. Do not expose to extreme weather conditions.

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