Kollektion: 21 keys Kalimba

Kalimba originates from Africa as a kind of portable musical instrument.
Hluru creates the high-end Kalimba via superior Black Walnut, Black Walnuts & MapleZambian RoseWoodBeech & Epoxy ResinGabonese RosewoodDalbergiaMahogany CoreMaple, Acacia, WalnutRosewood to chase the melodies around in the deep forest.

  • Based on thousands of testing & adjusting,the design of HLURU 21 keys kalimbas is just good for performance.
  • The 21-scale design with 3 more high tones compared to the 17-scale, it provides vivid & delicate tones & performs more types of music, makes the timbre more ethereal, smooth & tender.
  • The 21-Scale has been protected by the patent.

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