Kollektion: Class D Kalimba - Huashu

"Sound follow your heart, enjoy yourself"

-- It is the philosophy that Luru's thumb piano series has always adhered to.

In order to create a thumb piano kalimba product with excellent appearance and airy tone, HLURU has selected materials, design, craftsmanship and other aspects. Strictly control.

  • Box-type Design - The front opening makes the sound more concentrated, and the vibration is transmitted quickly and completely. Resonate fully and increase the volume. At the same time, it has an effect on the human chest when holding it naturally, can produce unique "wawa" sound.
  • Material For Class D Kalimba:  Acacia, Mahogany Coreetc.
    • Three elements that affect tone: Density, Hardness, and Intensity.
      • Density affects "sustain", hardness determines "sound thickness", and intensity affects "instrument resonance".
      • When selecting wood, Huashu strictly controlled the three elements of tone.
    • Acacia Wood: Excellent sustain, warm and thick tone, stable and excellent resonance.
    • Mahogany Core Wood: The sustain is neat, the tone is clean and thick, the resonance is excellent, and it is easy to play.

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