Kollektion: Alloy Copper

HLURU.SHOP Class A Tongue Drum

Pure upgrade, copper disc drum

  • HLURU Class A Tongue Drums: Copper-containing steel material
    • Class A is suitable for hand playing, and it is more professional. It is not suitable for beginners to play with drumsticks. The sound of hand knocking will be purer than that of Class B. Excellent sustain and resonance.
    • Copper smelting process: Copper ions are added during the smelting process to improve its corrosion resistance and antibacterial properties, enhance the strength of the steel itself, and improve its mechanical vibration performance. After aging heat treatment, it can further promote the adhesion and penetration depth of steel and copper ions, so that its tone is biased toward the reverberation of copper, and it has a sense of layering. The sound of the material will become extremely pure and stable, which is incomparable between Type B and Type C. The status of pursuing professionalism and strong maneuverability is recommended to choose Class A.

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