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Tibetan / Nepal Handmade Singing Bowl Set

-- From Tibet, to Nepal

  • We sell high quality 300+ styles Crystal Singing Bowl, Tibetan Bowls, Pyramids, Crystal harp, Merkaba, Grail, Tuning Fork.
  • A meditation sound bowl is a unique and enchanting musical instrument that produces soothing and resonant sounds. When played, the bowl produces a pure and ethereal tone that can be both calming and healing.
  • Crystal singing bowls are often used in sound healing therapies, yoga, meditation practices, and spiritual ceremonies. Good looks can also be decorative.The vibrations and harmonics created by the bowls are believed to promote relaxation, balance the energy centers of the body, and facilitate a state of deep meditation. The sound waves produced by the bowl can help release tension, promote a sense of well-being, and even enhance focus and creativity.

  • This bowl is called Tibetan Singing Bowl. 1200 years ago, with the spread of culture, singing bowls were passed from India to Tibet, and then brought into Nepal by the Tibetan people as necessities of life and family treasures.
  • Because of its quiet and distant sound, it can resonate with the frequency of nature, which can make people quickly enter a deep meditation state, help meditators to open the door of self-healing of the body, relieve physical pain, and even mental and spiritual Elevation of the mind level.
  • Singing bowls have a magical power, it can connect our inner, release anxiety, mania, depression and other negative emotions, awaken the Buddha nature in the heart, and enter a state of meditation.

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