Kollektion: Asha Scale Handpan Drums

Asha / Ashakiran Scale:

  • "Asha" is literally translated as "hope", and "Ashakiran" as "ray of hope". She animates to cheerful, light, melancholic, hopeful melodies. While the Asha classical has only 8 tones on the upper shell, the Ashakiran is extended by a ninth tone on that one and receives at least three tones on the lower shell. Especially the second and third in the lower range and the fourth in the upper, complete the already rich Asha to a Handpan that leaves nothing to be desired. 
  • Asha Scale:
    • E3 Asha (10 Note) - E3-A3 B3 C#4 Eb4 E4 F#4 Ab4 A4 B4

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