Kollektion: Red Sandalwood

  • Carefully Selected Wood
    • The SOUL of musical instrument depends on the WOOD.
    • Red Sandalwood over 10 years owns the distinctive curly figures, going back to the old times & creating clear & melodious melodies.
      The distinctive curly figures of Red Sandalwood owns the soul of tenacity, creating melodious melodies & the matt lacquer remains the clear figures of the wood.
    • Hluru creates the high-end Kalimba via superior Red Sandalwood, especially the wood with curly or fiddleback figure for better play.
    • Hluru 17 Key Trepanning Hollow Kalimba Thumb Piano Selecting "Curly Figure" from Red Sandalwood wood as the generator, It is made of full flat board, and the selected wood is more than 10 years old. All of them are printed with tree rings, and the sound will be more solid and rich.combining vocal music theory, natural and gorgeous texture, fine and uniform structure, and strong acoustic plasticity.
    • Note: The color of wood of different batches will be different, please understand.

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