Kollektion: Mahogany Core

  • Carefully Selected Wood
    • African Red Mahogany core - The high-quality red mahogany core from Congo, Africa, is redder than the white mahogany core in the market, and has a more delicate phonology.
    • The mahogany wood is hard and light, and it's also suitable for beautiful carvings. It's a high-quality raw material for guitar fretboard and high-end furniture. The wooden tone effect is softer.

    • African Mahogany: The wood is hard and light, and the grain is clearer.
    • Ordinary Mahogany: Low hardness, easy to crack, and the texture is not clear enough.
      • Press your finger on the pronunciation hole to make the sound brighter.
      • You can create ethereal vibrato by holding down one side of the sound hole, and then wiggling your finger up and down the other side of the sound hole.

    • Note: The color of wood of different batches will be different, please understand.

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