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About Klimbas

Small african originated instrument, Kalimba , also called "piano à pouces". It is now also called as thumb piano, is composed of a base on which are fixed steel keys must be touched wuth thumbs in order to produce sounds. The sound it produces when playing is so relaxing to the mind and body.

Unlike some musical instruments a Kalimba is so light that you can carry/ bring to anywhere.

Kalimba's sound is relatively close to that of a music box, more velvety, deeper. Played softly it can also sometimes remind the sound of a harp or even that of a bell depending on the model.
His learning is quick and easy, and requires no knowledge of music. A bit of practice, and the trick is done:)

Kalimba is an excellent music therapy tool, it pleases babies, calms children and adults, helps to reduce stress and anxiety.
Feel the smell of wood, feel the soothing vibrations of kalimba when you play it, and let yourself be rocked by the sound of its voice.

lighteme lets you choose between a huge collections of different types of wood to find the one that appeases to you the most. We advise you to take the time to listen to each instrument before making your choice, because each material has its own sound. We ensure before sending that the kalimbas are tuned and that there are no dead tines.
All instruments have been selected for their manufacturing quality and sound quality, so you will not be disappointed.


Let’s start with the types of kalimba.

Type FLAT: FLAT are thin and made of a single piece of wood. They are solid, with (generally) a low to medium sound volume, suitable for smaller hands and beginners. Can be used from 2 years for 8-key models,10 years for 17-key & 21-key models.

Type HOLLOW BOX: The box works as a resonator, like guitars. The notes sometimes last less than on FLAT, but their sound volume is much higher, which makes it possible to be heard better in a noisy environment. The holes allow playing using a "wah wah" effect. Thicker than flat, they are more suitable for adults.

Among these 2 types there are two kinds of kalimba:
Diatonic kalimba, provided with a single row of keys (except for kalimba 20 seed keys that are provided with two rows) usually representing the white notes of a piano keyboard.

The chromatic kalimba, which are provided with two rows of keys, 1 row equivalent to the white notes of a pianio keyboard, the other row equivalent to the black notes of the piano. So you have complete ranges, and the possibility to play larger varieties of music.

What’s the sound like?
Watch the following video!

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